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On discrimination against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija (Wikileaks, Cable by American ambassador in Belgrade, 26 September 2008)

On the Republic of Srpska (ТV Republika Srpska, 9 May 2012) [video, from 7 min 7 sec до 8 min 9 sec]

On American reports about religious freedom in the Republic of Serbia (Večernje novosti, 2 August 2012)

On Serbian Orthodoxy (Politika, 7 August 2012)

On the Islamic Community in the Republic of Serbia (Tanjug, 1 December 2012) [video]

On Turkish cultural and religious policy towards the Republic of Serbia and neighboring countries (Radio Belgrade 1, 12 December 2012) [audio]

On Serb identity in Montenegro (Politika, 23 December 2012)

On Turkish initiative and the Islamic Community (Politika, 29 January 2013)

On Serbian unification from civic perspective (Nedeljnik, 7 February 2013)

On religious policy of the Republic of Serbia and church-religious questions (Pecat, 15 February 2013)

On important ethnic and religious questions (Geopolitika, november 2014)

On key decisions of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Tanjug, 29 May 2015)

On advisable integrations of the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, Montenegro and the Republic of Macedonia (Iskra, 30 May 2015)

On current church and ethnic questions (Novosadska televizija, 21 July 2015) [video]